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Cloud Strife, what on Earth are you doing in Smash Bros.??
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I'm pretty bummed to hear about Satoru Iwata's passing. I heard he was ill before, but didn't know it was that bad. I was shocked when I read about it. I loved seeing him in Nintendo Directs and reading Iwata Asks. He seemed like someone you could have a laugh with.

Leaving this with a GameCenter CX vid, since Arino has been retweeting all kinds of Iwata-related things on his Twitter. This episode is a fun watch. c:

la schmoove

Jan. 2nd, 2012 05:50 am
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I hope everyone had a good New Year Day!

I don't really have any New Year's resolutions or anything, but I do need to write or draw more things this year. I'm getting really out of practice. :T

I ended up spending quite a bit of money on the Steam Christmas sale, but the game I'm looking forward to playing is Darksiders. It looks pretty fun, it's another one of those games that uses Biblical characters and whatever. I hope it plays well enough on my laptop.

The one game that took me by surprise this sale was The Binding of Isaac. I've played Super Meat Boy and didn't like it so much, probably because it's ridiculously challenging. But Isaac is a lot more fun to play, even though it's still stupidly difficult. I just like experimenting with all the pills and stuff.

I also finally got LIMBO. That game is super atmospheric, wow. Kinda freaky, too. (THE SPIDER. THE BRAIN BUGS.) The design style just adds to the whole thing. Love it.

My goal is to finish these games, damn it. I need to stop starting games and leaving them hanging. I'm pretty sure the last game I finished was El Shaddai. 8|a
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Meanwhile, it's nice to chill out at work and listen to Chrono Cross music. I've always liked the soundtrack, but I'm appreciating it much more now. I wonder if that's because of nostalgia or something?

Finally got a big project and a presentation done. It's so conflicting to have a kind-hearted professor who is just a mess when it comes to teaching. She's a good person! Just. Maybe needs to time manage a little better. And communicate with us. And return papers, please. We'd love to have returned papers. It's not cool to get a weird score and not know why.

Doodled SS!Zelda everywhere on my notes the other day. Her character design is so cute, sob. /)_(\

Okay, back to work.
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... ... I just downloaded Hatoful Boyfriend.

Yes, the pigeon dating game. If it makes it any better, they do have human portraits. We just. Get to see the pigeons only. At all times. ...apparently they have nice voices though? I really going to put off getting homework done just to satisfy my curiosity over pigeon boyfriends? Yes. Yes, I am. Don't judge me.

Download the game here.
English patch is over here.
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The internship is going well, though I'm super tired by the end of the day. I'm supposed to do 225 hours this semester and keep a bi-weekly journal for my professor to review. Sounds fine to me. As long as I don't have to do a final or anything, I'll be happy.

Now if only my other classes could be like this. /sob

In gaming news, I GOT THE ICO/SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS COLLECTION! It's not really a collection. Just two games on one disk.

So, so, so happy. These games were so awesome when they were first released, and I can't wait to try them in HD.

...hopefully I can actually finish them.
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I'm playing Crisis Core for the first time.

I... I like it. The music, the graphics, the voice acting, Sephiroth, all that jazz. I'm only at the Modeoheim mission (ch. 5?), but it's been a pretty fun game so far.

This certainly makes all those times I've protested the existence of this game kinda awkward. /)_(\
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It's true.

Well, first off, I'm glad I enjoyed FFX. I'm a little surprised they're re-doing a game that already looked fine on the PS2 instead of something else, though. (They don't want to do a fully remade FFIV? Square-Enix has been infatuated with FFIV, giving it a bunch of re-releases...) Then again, not only is it FFX's anniversary, but I'm pretty sure it was sold a lot when it was released. Probably a good idea to go for this one.

Anyway, I hope we get to see what it looks like sometime soon. ;A;

Yes, I am pointedly not mentioning an FFVII remake because HEY THIS IS FFX'S TURN RIGHT NOW. DON'T BE SUCH A SPOTLIGHT HOG, FFVII.

EDIT: Also why is Dissidia: Theatrhythm's gameplay so adorable alsdkfj the battles
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It looks like I'll be able to do my internship early this year -- in fall instead of waiting 'til spring. That means I'll only have one class next semester, which gives me plenty of leeway to add on another class if it turns out I need another to graduate.

I'm very paranoid about this. I've fallen into the cracks of this university's system so many times I'm, like, on edge about another roadblock coming up. I've already gotten into a small panic over an upper division class that's supposed to count for general upper division credit, but isn't showing that way on the computer. I hope, hope, hope, hope it still counts (and my advisor said it would) but JUST IN CASE. Open schedule next semester. Gonna get it done, yes.

Been doing nothing but going back and playing Dissidia Duodecim again. I still haven't finished all of Cycle 13 yet, which is a shame for me. I just like to level everyone up to 30 before tackling the Impulse Shade chapters. (;A;) I also bought Prologus from the PSN store, which got me Aerith as an assist-only character. She's really useless, honestly, but oh well. My curiosity is satisfied. ...I also ended up buying some extra costumes for other characters. Four of them, I think.

Once again, Square-Enix gets the best of me. And my wallet. OTL
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I can't stop smiling every time I see this video.

Dissidia Music Group (hand-drawn)

I can't find the same video on YouTube, so here's a link to the NicoViewer version. No registration necessary to view... I think. Let me know if it doesn't work -- I think there might be another alternative out there.
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A little late, as I ended up falling asleep for most of the day. /)_(\

Heads up: GameStop is tossing OnLive coupons from Square-Enix's Deus Ex.

Employees were apparently ordered to open up new game boxes and remove the coupon. When contacted, GameStop admitted giving the orders and claimed it was because OnLive was a competing service and they didn't want to promote it. So they reached into new boxes and just. Took it out.

...yeah. Wow.

Does this spell legal trouble for GameStop (again)? Eh, maybe. Whether or not it does, anyone itching to get the game* should definitely buy it from somewhere else.

*I've heard the PC version was the best, btw.

EDIT: I've since read that GameStop has pulled the PC version from their shelves in a sort of 'recall'. Square-Enix seems to be relatively calm about this, probably because they really didn't let GameStop know about the coupon beforehand and it's an admittedly damning move. Had GameStop known, perhaps they wouldn't have sold copies of the game in the first place. S-E could probably take some blame for this whole drama, too.

Still. GameStop should've, you know, not sold the game instead of breaching consumer trust by reaching in and pilfering coupons from new boxes. That simple.

This article sums it up best.
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First off, there are no plot spoilers in this post. I'm gonna make a separate post for things like that, because the game just released yesterday. This is mostly about the gameplay and some of the things I liked/disliked about what they did with the game.

Note: If you're on my Plurk timeline, you've probably seen most of this. |D;;


And that's my opinion. :3c
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Blog surfing again -- it's possible that I'm just horrifically late in learning about this, but there's a Black Rock Shooter game in the works? What's that supposed to be about? I don't remember the OVA being really deep or anything, so. :\a

EL SHADDAI POSTCARDS this is awesome and so hilarious. I love this goddamn meme so much it's just laksjdflaskdjf. Also LOL I want that Enoch card. SO BEAUTIFUL. そんなポーズで大丈夫か?

EDIT: Caved in and downloaded them. I am such a sad little person.

The whole KAT-TUN plagiarism thing made it to the forums, of course. I think my favorite comment there is KAT-TUN 「歌ってみた」. That whole ordeal is rather unfortunate, so I've been trying not to get into it.

Which games to remake? Personally, I don't really see a point in remaking FF8 or FF9 -- not because I dislike the entire second half of FF8 or anything, but it's just kind of redundant. I imagine you could probably add voices, but otherwise the characters were in proportion when wandering around towns and the FMVs are still good looking imo. Not much to do with it.

FF7... you know, despite my apprehension, I'd probably buy it if they remade it. So I probably shouldn't say too much.

That survey is kinda suspect, anyway. EHRGEIZ ARE YOU SERIOUS isn't that called Dissidia? Did anyone buy it for any other reason other than lol FF7 characters? Was it popular in Japan? Do people want to see Sephiroth's hair flowing magically in the wind as he facedives into the sand in order to grab the flag? Because if there's one thing Dissidia is lacking, it'd be beachtime fun. DEAD OR ALIVE HAS IT, SO CAN DISSIDIA. Where's my all Final Fantasy cast volleyball minigame?! >T

Personally, I think it'd be really rockin' to see a Suikoden (I or II) remake on the PS3 with awesome 2D graphics. Maybe like Odin Sphere or something. I'd really love more games like that.
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quick sketch under the cut )

debating whether or not to do the entire sequence. it's more fun than I thought.


Oct. 18th, 2010 06:04 pm
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Kyle Hyde iz mai hero! \o/