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Macaroni & cheese will never not be a go-to food when I'm stumped on ideas for meals.


Jan. 23rd, 2012 04:47 pm
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I was watching a show with my mom, and heard some howling from audience members who were cheering.

My immediate thought was, "Armaros! ;A; "

And then I was distracted from the show.
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My brother is singing a birthday song to Google............

What a dork.


Aug. 25th, 2010 08:36 pm
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oh god textbooks cost 650 bux this semester WHAT IS THIS.
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Been having a terrible time sleeping lately. At night, I mean. I can sleep during the day just fine, but I kinda miss out on things. Need to fix that.

I think I should give up and restrict myself to places like dressing rooms and whatnot. Can't even tag properly in the one place I'm in.

Downloaded Rifftrax and loved it.

Am currently very angry at my university because I hate their classes. I need to take upper-division courses and the only ones available for Justice are Corrections, Corrections Management, and Corrections in Fiction or something equally ridiculous. What a wonderful waste of my money and time! I feel like I want to skip this semester.

Startcraft II out in a few days! Last Window confirmed for an EU release! New Professor Layton in September! I love games.

Just got Sims 3 and am far too amused at all of the households I made. It's like making an ant farm and watching them do their thing.

Want a new phone badly. I can't text on this damn thing for the life of me.

Just realized that I still have my keycard for the international dormitories back at Korea. I was supposed to give that back, whoops.
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