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I keep telling myself to make a meaningful post about my experience here and learning stuff and blah blah blah, but the only thing that gets me excited enough to post is something as stupid as... well, this.

aslkdfj SECOND HOTEL DUSK GAME IN THE WORKS why didn't you guys tell me? Except it's called Last Window and not Hotel Dusk. |Da

Holy crap, I am so excited for this it's ridiculous. Just look at it. LOOK AT IT. It's like Take on Me all over again except with detective work and KYLE HYDE and aaaaaaaaaaaaaa I want it. ;_;


Sep. 16th, 2009 05:43 pm
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I just stepped on a scale today, since it was hanging around the apartment.

I was 135 lbs (61.3 kg) back in Anchorage. Now I've dropped down to 124.6 lbs (56.5 kg) in about... three weeks? Two? Something like that.

Dude, that's... kinda amazing. I've never lost that much so quickly before. :O

Also, I would like to use the opportunity to complain about having to convert all these units of measurements all the time. Along with the language barrier, my relatives and I are also battling the barrier between our measurement systems. I really wish the U.S. just used the Metric System. I mean, we use it all the time in science classes anyway, so why not just change it?

Luckily, I DL'd the Animal Crossing calculator onto my DSi. I can convert things now! With Animalese voices! (If Tom Nook doesn't ninja pwn me out of nowhere.) This thing can also convert ages, as in human ages to dog and rabbit ages. It's hilarious to play with.