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I'm super glad exists, seriously. I've heard of a lot of these games, but never played them as a child because our family was more console-oriented. (I was probably too young to play anything other than Lemmings or Dr. Brain games anyway.) I like having the chance to play these games and check out what people are talking about. I just nabbed the Wing Commander series to give it a shot. Also Mark Hamill is in the games too, and I wanna see that.

I'm thinking about trying to get more recent games on GOG too. I don't know if anyone else has the same problem, but Steam can really clog up my computer sometimes. I don't have a gaming optimized laptop, so just opening Steam can be a trial for me. Games that are DRM free are such a turn on.

I really should be reformatting my hard drive, but I'm hesitant. My laptop originally came with Windows Vista installed, but I received a free upgrade to Windows 7 and used that. I don't know where I put the upgrade disk anymore, though. I'm afraid of reformatting and ending up with Vista again. That would really, really suck.

I'll have to go hunting for it again sometime.
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Have you tried defraging your hard drive instead? I found that it helped me after I installed Steam and Portal 2 because the files were placed near each other in the hard drive (and therefore made it faster to load things).
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Ah, yeah. Then in that case a restart might be better. Did your upgrade come with any sort of code or ID that ties it to you? You might be able to ask Windows for a download or CD with 7 on it. It's worth looking into at least.